Daily Data Updates

As a registered JSE Securities Exchange Data Vendor, The Share Advantage runs a complete Daily Data Update Service for Technical Analysis software users & subscription clients, which allows your software to be updated daily by means of a single data file received via e-mail or downloaded from our site.

We receive the data from the JSE each evening and, after processing, we calculate the Top & Bottom 10 and Sector Averages. We then add in Market Reports from a leading brokerage firm, the daily SENS (Stock Exchange News Service) articles and other value-added data - and then we create your Daily Data Update file.

This update file is available to you in a choice of 3 different formats:

  • e-mailed directly to you, or  

  • you can download the update from our web site, or  

  • you can use the Data Download Utility built into the software to download and update the data.

The updating of the software's data files is a simple and automated process, which typically takes about 2 to 3 minutes.

The Daily Data Update service includes the following:

  • Daily Data by 8pm

  • Free Automatic Software Updates

  • Daily Newsletter

  • Daily Notification of New Listings, Name Changes, De-listings, etc.

  • Daily Updated Dividends Lists

  • All the Daily Prices, Volumes, Yields, Sector Averages, Index Values

  • ……and more.



For more Information, contact:

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